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Please take a moment to read some of the client stories that we have put together. These are real stories of how RLS employees have helped those in need. These stories have been collected over the past year. In order to protect the identity of the individual, we have intentionally changed the names of those involved.


Debt Relief


Elderly Man


O.P. had been financially responsible all his life. He was a 76 year old ex-priest who had experienced many difficulties. O. suffered a brain injury while undergoing treatment at Mary Washington Hospital. He was released too early and as a result of that, O. got disoriented. He ended up being…


Garnishment Reversal


Bills being calculatedFree image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net


A 76 year old woman, S.W., received a notice from a car dealership about a debt that was owed, notifying her that they would be seeking payment very soon. She didn't think too much of it, because it wasn't her debt and she assumed it was just a mistake. S.W.…


Public Housing Amendment


girls celebratingFree image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net


B.H. is a resident of a local low income community where she had a perfect rental history, up until June 2011. B. has two teenage daughters who were falsely accused of inciting a fight at a convenience store near the community in which they lived. Someone anonymously reported this incident…




PassportFree image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net


M.G. is an immigrant from Mexico who has 3 sons, ages 19, 16 and 12. She does not speak any English and is a victim of domestic violence. M.G. resides with her husband H., (who is also an immigrant) and their two youngest children. On a daily basis M.…


Homelessness Prevention


Homeless Man


O.W. has lived at the same motel for the last four years. He worked for the motel during the day mowing the lawns and doing other maintenance duties, where he earned credit points to pay for his room. Once those duties came to an end, O. could no longer stay…


Unemployment Benefits


Man and woman having a tug of war over moneyFree image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net


G.W. is a 60 year old man who worked for the same utility company for years. He was initially hired to work in the air conditioning department, but that soon changed. G.W. began to notice the company laying off numerous people. The supervisor in the air conditioning department was fired,…


Power of Attorney/Guardianship


Smiling daughter hugging her smiling mother Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net


J.T. is a 41 year old single mother of a 12 year old disabled girl. Ms. T. is disabled herself, having diabetes which has caused her to go blind and also have both legs amputated. With her health failing and not getting any better, Ms. T. came to Rappahannock Legal…


Unlawful Detainer


Door with a lock on it


K.K. is a middle-aged man and the caregiver of his elderly father who has health issues. Ironically, they reside in the same house K.K. grew up in since he was a young boy. The roles have changed, and now it is K.K.'s turn to take care of his father just…


Social Security Disability


Stack of files


L.B. was physically in excellent shape and fairly healthy for a 42 year old man, or so he thought. In August of 2007, L.B. passed out while working in the loading dock area where he was employed. He was unresponsive when the rescue squad arrived and remained that way for…




Happy mother and daughter


Being a young, single mom was enough stress for S.P. already. Now she had to deal with an awful custody battle. Her daughter M. is 3 ½ years old and is in the center of the battle between her mother, her father, C. and her paternal grandmother, R.…


Domestic Violence


Battered woman crying


C.L. and A.P. were never married and have a five-month old daughter together. The parties were together for almost two years and cohabited at residence of C.L.’s parents. C.L. ended the relationship because of A.P.’s anger problems. In the beginning of the relationship, A.P. began expressing his anger by punching…

Listen to the radio interview between RLS Executive Director Ann Kloeckner and Ted Schubel of AM1230 WFVA.



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