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Power Of Attorney/Guardianship

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J.T. is a 41 year old single mother of a 12 year old disabled girl. Ms. T. is disabled herself, having diabetes which has caused her to go blind and also have both legs amputated. With her health failing and not getting any better, Ms. T. came to Rappahannock Legal Services to get her affairs in order. She wanted to be sure she had a power of attorney and that her daughter was provided for. Ms. T. was referred to the court for a standby guardianship, which allowed her to transfer guardianship to a specific individual under certain conditions. She would still retain her authority over her daughter, but this was set into place for future reference of she were to become incapacitated or die.


Had J.T. not shared her story and situation with Rappahannock Legal Services, she probably would have never known about the standby guardianship law. Ms. T. is now comforted by the knowledge that her daughter will be taken care of by the specific person she selected if Ms. T. is no longer able to care for her.