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Debt Relief

Elderly Man


O.P. had been financially responsible all his life. He was a 76 year old ex-priest who had experienced many difficulties. O. suffered a brain injury while undergoing treatment at Mary Washington Hospital. He was released too early and as a result of that, O. got disoriented. He ended up being stuck in someone’s driveway near the Rappahannock River. Not knowing exactly where he was, O. still managed to call police for assistance before losing reception on his cell phone. After hours of intense searching using a helicopter, O. was found. After returning to the hospital, it was discovered that O. had sustained an extensive, life-threatening brain hemorrhage. Had he arrived at the hospital a few minutes later, he would have died.


O. made some poor financial decisions during and after his treatment which put him in serious debt. He then came to Rappahannock Legal Services for assistance. A letter was sent to O.’s creditors, and an attorney from American Express spoke with an attorney from Rappahannock Legal Services. As a result, O.’s $13,000 American Express debt has been forgiven.

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